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About us –

As lots of bloggers and other restaurant websites,
we are no restaurant critics, nor are we involved with food professionally.  
We neither claim to be experts on food nor serious cooks.

We have a passion to eat and share our culinary experiences and most importantly,
we love good food and have tons of respect for the people that make it.

Constantly in search of better, superior cuisine, we spent hours on searching for the best places to go to.  
We found lots of sites and blogs, some of them more objective than the other, which is normal.  
Some of them way to commercial, and thus never complete, as not all restaurants wanted to pay to be on there.
Lots of them are very qualitative, made by passionate people with plenty of experience and knowledge.

As we wanted to share all of our experience and make it easy for people to find the perfect spot,
we decided to bring everything together in a “one stop shop to heaven”.
Before we even realised, we found out that it was impossible to make the perfect website as it is impossible to categorise all this diversity in a simple way.  
We were making it far to difficult ourselves as well and after changing and changing, we came to 3 different categories

90plus rated

New national score based on the rating in all local restaurants guides.
Although the 90plus rating is incomparable between different countries
it is giving an indication of which restaurants are getting the highest scores in the world.

Coup de Coeur

The foodies favourites, the rising stars, the intimate places of the top chefs
and the discoveries of the food writers and bloggers,
places that are not “yet” discovered or underrated by the guides, but certainly worth a visit.

Wow experiences

Places you must have been to before you die.
Don’t blame us if you have missed them

When we travel we update our Twitter and Facebook pages continually.
We created a universal RSS feed which aggregates all our online activity so you only have to follow one place. Stay tuned and never forget:

Whatever scores might tell you, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Tom De Wilde

P.S. The world is big and changes very fast these days. 
Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you find errors and typos.

The World's Best

Popular Chefs

  1. Andoni Luis Aduriz - ES
  2. René Redzepi - DK
  3. Joan Roca - ES
  4. Syrco bakker - NL
  5. Timothy Hollingsworth - US
  6. Heston Blumenthal - GB
  7. Peter Goossens - BE
  8. Daniel Humm - US
  9. Pascal Barbot - FR
  10. Daniel Boulud - US

Popular Cities

  1. Brussel
  2. Sierre
  3. Zwolle
  4. Renteria
  5. Brugge
  6. Albufeira
  7. Chuo-Ku, Kobe
  8. Torriana, Rimini
  9. Illhaeusern
  10. Dublin

Your Country's Best