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Basic Principle : The guide of the guides.

90 is the minimum score on hundred that a restaurant needs to have in it's country in order to appear on our website.

Every 90plus score is based on the average scores given by the most renowned local guides, or the guides that cover most of the restaurants in one country.

This system makes us probably the most objective gastronomic guide in the world.

Our 90plus ratings are the logic result of a worldwide standardized rating system. Free insertion of the restaurants guarantees us that we can bring you an overviewof all the best restaurants without any commercial influence.

The world’s best

The world’s best restaurant Is the list of the best restaurant in every country. The 90plus rating is incomparable between different countries it is giving an indication however, of which restaurants are getting the highest scores in the world.

Coup de Coeur

Coup de coeur restaurants don't have a 90plus score, but they get our heart, because they are oh so good and they are the potential players of tomorrows the world’s best restaurant - 90plus list.

As we did not want to influence the 90plus rated list in any way, we did not give a Coup de Coeur sign to any of the 90plus rated restaurant. Only the restaurants that we believe being tomorrows big potentials, the ones that are forgotten by some of the guides and our favorite, missing addresses were rated Coup de Coeur.

Rating system

We created a standardized rating system that is used for all different rating system throughout the world. This makes that all rating systems are brought back to the same score and an average of all guides can be made on an equal base.

3 score system

e.g. Michelin (max 3 stars)

3 stars = 98/100 – 2 stars = 94/100 – 1 Star = 90points

4 score system

e.g. New York Times (Max 4 heads)

4 heads = 98 - 3 heads = 95 - 2 heads = 92 - 1 head = 89

5 score system

e.g. AA and AAA guide

5 diamonds = 98 - 4 diamonds = 94 - 3 diamonds = 90 - 
2 diamonds = 83 - 1 diamond = 78 

Scores systems

e.g. Zagat

30/30 = 100 - 29/30 = 95



1st = 98 - 2 = 97,5 - 3 = 97 - 4 = 96, …

Insertion in certain guides can give from 0.01 up to maximal 1 extra point


e.g. Omnivore France, The World’s 50 best by SP

In order to restraint the impact of one guide, no restaurant can get a score less than 80/100 for a guide. This makes that no restaurant can be punished because of a non appearance or a less objective rating by one guide.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you find any incomplete or false data.


Tom De Wilde - Founder

The World's Best

Popular Chefs

  1. Andoni Luis Aduriz - ES
  2. René Redzepi - DK
  3. Joan Roca - ES
  4. Syrco bakker - NL
  5. Timothy Hollingsworth - US
  6. Heston Blumenthal - GB
  7. Peter Goossens - BE
  8. Daniel Humm - US
  9. Pascal Barbot - FR
  10. Daniel Boulud - US

Popular Cities

  1. Brussel
  2. Sierre
  3. Zwolle
  4. Renteria
  5. Brugge
  6. Albufeira
  7. Chuo-Ku, Kobe
  8. Torriana, Rimini
  9. Illhaeusern
  10. Dublin

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